Berada di bawah Yayasan Peneleh Jang Oetama, dengan akta AHU-0014594.AH.01.04.Tahun 2019, kampus UruP akan segera dibangun di atas tanah seluas 2.9Ha di Kabupaten Malang.

Under Peneleh Jang Oetama Foundation, legal institution AHU-0014594.AH.01.04.Tahun 2019, the campus will be built on 2,9 acres land in Malang.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Universitas Peneleh (URuP)”

  1. Both tangible and intangible benefit to society with special focus on marginalised groups, quality education with patriotic spirit is an excellent example in the history of modern education.

    1. Spiritually speaking, URUP, situated in the foothills of Mount Sumeru, the divine part of the universe will throw light and open up the journey of cosmic consciousness . URUP is not only for a formal certificate but also will be a center of excellence for spiritual nationalism.

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